install theme

My Analysis

My target audience is a generation of youths with a new art passion/style, which would make this age group of 18 – 35. But also, the goal is to design an overall branding and identity for a café, which is also a gallery, where the community can share their works of art to the public.

To start, the style of art. Everyone has their own unique taste and style in art. Then it’s about interior, where it is comfortable to hang out while the artworks on the wall fit in.  What I’ve found is that places like bars/pubs and some retro cafes seem to be inspiring as the interior and atmosphere seems to draw a lot of young people. The interior especially as a new style of architectural design is becoming quite influencing. It uses many interesting materials and textures. Colours are also limited, such as black and white being the most commonly applied colours but there are some places that go to the extreme! An example of this can be ‘PlayGround’ in Civic.

There is the art style that is applied. Art is becoming more appealing due to the idea of simplicity but also that older styles of art are being resurrected again. If I can recall, I remember researching something on the bases of design and where Old styles were trying to be more new and futuristic in taste while New styles where touching back on older styles. A bit like the fashion trend of today, I guess.

But putting that aside, it seems that one of the keys of success here is simplicity. Simplicity also applies to typography.  With so many fonts out there to choose from, the popular fonts are those that aren’t too fancy at all.